How to build an independent site?

First of all, we need to realize that

Independent station is a new type of official website with independent domain name, content, data and private rights established by merchants who own domain name, server and website program, or based on SaaS technology platform.

Therefore, how to build an independent site?

We want to build an independent site, either independently own domain name, server, website program (such as WordPress) to build, or based on SaaS technology platform (such as Shopify) to build.

Let’s take WordPress and Shopify to explain!

New sellers to do independent station, will consider what program to build a better station, on the current independent station builder, the mainstream Magento, Zencart, WordPress, Shopify, and domestic SaaS platform (such as Xshoppy) and so on.

Shopify independent site

The advantage is that because it is a third-party platform, the visibility is relatively high, the trust is high. In terms of platform construction, there is no need to program yourself, the program is simple and clear, access to open fast, and you can buy the features you need.

The cost of building a Shopify standalone site

For example, the rent of the independent site, the purchase of domain names, the purchase of functional plug-ins and templates, etc., the cost of this piece of the choice is more flexible.

For example, many plug-ins and templates are free. Ordinary domain name, generally speaking, a few dozen dollars on it. The main point here is the monthly fee for the platform to build the site.

Now Shopify charges three versions: $ 29 / month, $ 79 / month, $ 299 / per month.

Build Shopify independent site does not need to upload a business license, so that individuals can also register, including the process of operating an independent site in the later stages, there is no part of the process is required to allow the provision of company materials.

But now the Shopify independent site in the collection method above the restrictions must be corporate paypal, if you have other, such as credit card collection channels can be used directly, if you do not have other collection channels, ready to use paypal collection, then the registration of corporate paypal, you need to provide a business license.

Woocommerce for WordPress

When it comes to the mainstream independent site platform on the market, most cross-border sellers friends will first think of Shopify, but for another independent site platform is rarely mentioned, that is, WordPress Woocommerce.

Is an open source PHP software, with a wealth of plug-in template resources, can help enterprises or individuals quickly build websites, including: such as personal blogs, knowledge-sharing websites, corporate websites and a wide range of websites or web pages, and Woocommerce stand-alone site is only one of the plug-ins, because the number of WordPress users is very large, so there are a large number of developers to The WordPress website is just one of the plugins, and because of the huge number of users, there are a lot of developers to create and maintain the theme templates!

Woocommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin based on WordPress, in short, WordPress in the original system board for sellers to develop an e-commerce platform to build a plugin, Woocommerce itself has a product catalog, product listings, shopping cart, payment functions, membership functions, coupon functions, inventory functions, sales records and other applicable and online shopping Woocommerce has all the features of an online shopping mall.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Shopify and Woocommerce

Is the maturity of the platform buggy?

When it comes to bugs, those who do Amazon should know it well, in our daily operation, there may be bugs in the platform, but generally the platform will deal with them quickly, and both platforms are in the industry for many years, in terms of technology and customer problems are more mature.

How easy is it to build a standalone site?

Shopify is ready-made, do not need to build, you just need to buy a domain name (space system comes with), and in the registration of your purchased domain name and Shopify bundle, the system will guide you to complete the creation of the store, and then apply the official free or paid store template can be foolishly built stand-alone site.

And woocommerce is only a plug-in, so build a stand-alone store is relatively slightly more difficult, especially for friends who are not very familiar with the Internet and computers, and hands-on skills and problem-solving skills are very strong to be able to.

How to build an independent site, this thing varies from person to person, in terms of the degree of difficulty in building a standalone site, Shopify is more simple and convenient, suitable for friends who have just contacted the standalone site, WordPress is more suitable for people who have a certain basis for building a site.