What is an independent site?

What is an independent site?
Independent site is an independent website, but “independent site” has a different meaning in cross-border e-commerce.

Independent site is a concept for the convenience of Chinese people to understand, and is different from the familiar third-party platforms (such as Amazon, Selling, eBay, etc.).

Therefore, what is an independent site?
Independent station is a new official website (website) with independent domain name, content, data, private rights and interests, independent business sovereignty and business responsibility, supported by social cloud computing capability, and can independently and freely dock to third-party software tools, promotion media and channels, established based on SaaS technology platform.

But the real “independent station” is the business owns the domain name, server, website program, and can independently develop, expand and enrich the functions and content of the website.

The independent website existed in the past, and the official website of the enterprise is the independent website, but today we locate it in the “independent official store”, there is no accurate English name, we can call it “indie store”, “independent store”, “independent store”, “independent store”, “independent store” and “independent store”. We can call it “indie store”, “independent store”, “indie shop website” and so on.

In fact, an independent store is a website that adds e-commerce functions to the company’s official website, so that it can not only show the company’s brand, but also facilitate customers to make orders and online consultation.

The independent website is the awakening of brand awareness and the beginning of independent marketing strategy, which helps enterprises to get rid of their dependence on the platform, implement the branding strategy more effectively, and realize the leap development from Made in China to Chinese brand.