Twitter Leads to Independent Sites

Twitter Leads to Independent Sites

Remember, don’t just sign up and post ads.

For newbies, posting ads on Twitter more than once will get you hacked. It is important to know that Twitter as a social marketing method, we should socialize before marketing. Nowadays, social network emphasizes the connection and communication between people and people and brands, and people focus on people or things they are interested in, so it is already difficult for consumers to accept the mandatory advertising implantation in the past.

Therefore, we have to forget about advertising, promotion and marketing first, and gather fans and build up a small community with high loyalty with the mentality of making friends.

Understand the needs of customers

Once we have a certain amount of small communities, we need to spend time to understand what they need? What are they interested in? How many times have you answered and solved a customer’s problem in a timely manner?

Think about what resources you have that you can sincerely share to make your fans feel that following yourself is not a waste of energy, but useful.

Sound off regularly and write tweets from your heart

Write soft articles using content that interests fans and organize them carefully so that each tweet will attract users’ attention to retweet and like. Make users not only willing to focus, but also trigger their empathy, and then retweet and share. This way their fans can see the seller’s message and their fans may also be the seller’s target customers, which is social fission and can form a virtuous circle.

Personal information should be perfect

When users enter a seller’s homepage, the personal profile is the first thing they see. The first impression is important, so the resume is indispensable. Sellers can attach the independent website URL.

Use social features

For example, comment, like, retweet, “@”, “#”, etc.

First of all, find some more of your target customers, comment, like and retweet the customer’s tweets, these three actions determine whether the seller is an active user, the seller’s activity in turn determines the seller’s presence.

Secondly, the “@” function allows you to retweet and “@” a commenter immediately if you notice a good comment about your company or product on Twitter. This will increase the viability and influence of the company, and if you meet a customer who expresses dissatisfaction, you need to contact the buyer as soon as possible to help the customer solve the problem and avoid bad influence.

The hashtag “#” is a feature that allows a hashtag to be used across the same topic on Twitter, connecting people who have no connection to each other with the same hashtag. By using this hashtag, we can better target groups.

At the same time, we can also participate in the trending topics on Twitter to meet “knowledgeable people”.

Finally, we need to make use of the image or video function.

Twitter can only have a maximum of 140 characters in a statement, adding pictures or videos can bridge the shortcomings of text, more intuitive and more relevant to the user impression.

The principle of Twitter traffic to the independent site

One, adapt rather than change.

Each platform has its own characteristics and shortcomings. We should not always think “what can I do on this platform”, but rather “what can we do here”. Learn to summarize users’ behavior and try to create a campaign that interests them.

Second, think human.

Social platform is originally a hub for people, so we should adopt a humanistic mindset here, try to solve users’ practical problems, publish content close to them, and really adapt to their tastes.

Third, directly face the opinions of customers.

In social media, everyone has an equal say, and everyone can’t see things from the same perspective.