Independent site visitors to social private domain traffic pools

Indie sites are an important vehicle for DTC brands to go global.

Through independent website, merchants can establish direct contact with consumers. Through this kind of direct dialogue with consumers, a large amount of basic user data and shopping behavior data can be deposited, which can further clarify the user profile and feed the next operation strategy of enterprises.

It can be said that in the present time of refining operation and digital transformation, independent website is the advantageous carrier for DTC brand to go abroad, and it is also a private domain position for overseas enterprises independent of the public domain platform.

Since this is the case, there is naturally a problem of how to import traffic from outside the station, and how to retain the traffic and make conversion.

The main way to attract traffic to the independent website is through SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook social media, etc. The conversion of the traffic to the independent website is the goal, but what about the loss of users who have not been sold? How to further realize the repurchase of the users?

Here, independent site sellers need to build a private domain traffic pool, that is, the social private domain traffic pool.

Social private domain is an essential private domain pool for independent sellers. The customers who have made a deal can be guided to the social private domain to do in-depth operation and achieve repurchase and referral; the customers who have not made a deal can be guided to the social private domain to promote the conversion of the deal and avoid the high cost of secondary diversion.

Since there is a private domain operation, naturally there is no shortage of the classic private domain customer relationship progression from potential customers to fans to customers to members to distributors.

The typical feature of private domain is low-cost N-touch, and social private domain can be reached all the time. Through continuous content seeding, content marketing and benefit stimulation, we can realize the interpretation of customer attraction to conversion to repurchase to recommendation in turn, develop the lifetime value and social value of each customer, and empower the independent station to attract traffic.

Independent station operation process can be through the retention of user base data and behavior data, data analysis and clear user portrait, of course, this kind of data is the user into the station after. The social private domain is the data of the longer path and longer chain of users, compared to the station, here will also generate more real interaction and dialogue, which also plays a key feedback guidance significance for the operation and management of independent stations.

This is also the second layer of value for more and more independent station enterprises to deploy social private domain, that is: not only for the low-cost N times can directly reach the traffic, but also for the longer chain of more real first-hand data assets, and based on this analysis integration, feedback iteration.

Note: China social private domain in WeChat, WeChat group, WeChat public number; foreign social private domain can lead to Whatsapp, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.